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This is a series displaying the averaged faces of female and male characters from top anime of the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s, as listed by MAL. You can see Shinji’s outline pretty easily in the 90’s male, I think.


This is a pretty interesting visual as to how the “average” anime style changed over the decades.

their chins got progressively more pointy and dangerous 

I see Shinji, and then Erin.


I miss these days.


I miss these days.


Dancers Photography by Ludovic Florent

 ”Poussière d’étoiles” is a series realized by French photographer Ludovic Florent. He gives pride of place to dancers full of grace by adding flour. Sand grains highlight the majestic movement effect of their dance. More photos in the next part of the article.


Artist: ニカワ



The plot of durarara!! Is literally “if IM a gang leader and YOURE a gang leader then who’s driving the plane??

#izaya is flying the plane and he’s flying it into the ocean

review of “animal farm”


not a very good instructional guide on farming. would NOT recommend to first time farmers



Steam Powered Giraffe - Fancy Shoes

Check out our new music video!


When traveling and doing a lot of shows….

Why not shoot your music videos at the shows? :P



"Wait, isn’t this that book where Stark dies at the-"
"Shut it."

"Wait, isn’t this that book where Stark dies at the-"

"Shut it."


walter girls u_u

seapeny and gidgetsucks

im just gonna draw these cuties forever ok? ok.


November 2014 Worldwide Release




New Home Is Where The Internet Is!  Tumblr’s 10-page limit is keeping me from posting the whole thing, so head on over to the webcomic to read the rest (plus a blog post with Paris photos and doodles).

I’m going to Strasbourg tomorrow!!!  I’m so excited.  We might take a day trip into Germany and the Black Forest 8-D AHHHHHH.  Back soon, love and hugs~

-Your friend Tally

Tally is not only an AMAZING comic artist but she’s living the dream! I hope my girls grow up and don’t let the constant yet abstract notion of fear dictate how they live in this world. Way to go Tally!! :D

I love this so much! As someone who’s only really started to travel in the last year, I totally get that initial terror. I’ve been pretty fortunate, and made so many friends all over the world. I went to Boston on a whim this weekend and got to spend an evening with comic people I met mostly through twitter - and everyone was wonderful. Yes, I got terrible food poisoning on the way home, but I also got to have barbecue and Manhattans with people who used to be strangers. Travel! It’s good for you.




both sasuke and uchiha have six letters do you know what this means

there could be a troll on alternia named sasuke uchiha

Your name is SASUKE UCHIHA and boy do you love REVENGE.

Your name is SASUKE UCHIHA.

You are a skilled PRODIGY in the way of the NINJA, and also in the way of BEING AN ENORMOUS TOOL. You have learned from the best, your current LUSUS.

Your current lusus is a giant, irritating, douche bag of a snake named OROCHIMARU. He wasn’t your original lusus, but took you under his proverbial wing after your original lusus was MURDERED by the troll with whom you shared him. You intend to some day KILL Orochimaru, because he is irritating and you are very ANGSTY. Sorry, snake lusus, this bird with chicken-ass looking hair has got to FLY.

You are somewhat of a FIGHTING SPECIALIST, having mastered many moves with which you enjoy attempting to KILL PEOPLE WHO USED TO BE YOUR FRIENDS. You also have some minute abilities pertaining to mind control, because of your ability that your apparent ancestor named the SHARINGAN. You have a particular ability to manipulate ELECTRICITY and so are commonly found avoiding ALL TYPES OF TECHNOLOGY, as you’re prone to blow it up. Most trolls say that you are STUCK IN THE PAST so to speak. Most of those trolls end up eating the SHARP END OF YOUR BLADE, however. You have a tendency to dress in a manner that MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE AN ENORMOUS TOOL. Though that might be because, as was stated earlier, you are ACTUALLY AN ENORMOUS FUCKING TOOL. You have an obsession with REVENGE that sometimes BORDERS ON FETISHISTIC. You enjoy revenge in all forms, even for minute things. Your current hell-bent goal, though, is TO KILL THE ASSHOLE WHO MURDERED YOUR LUSUS. You are willing to do anything, including killing friends, and changing your opinion on life FIFTEEN GOD DAMN TIMES IN A WEEK in order to do so. Some people describe you as STUBBORN AS A HOOFBEAST and EASILY PERSUADED. These people also end up eating the sharp end of your blade.

Your BLOOD COLOR is whatever the fuck the color of the KNOT AROUND YOUR MIDDLE IS.

Your trolltag is angstyAvenger and Your statements are usually bland and with little emphasis.

What will you do?


If only it was so easy…


If only it was so easy…


Here are the studies I did for my elements class this semester. Some are more rushed or just less successful than others but overall I’m happy with the end result.